Personal Training

About Barbara
As a dance student at the age of five, I understood the concepts of discipline, commitment…and how to have FUN!  Dance doesn’t just make you graceful—it literally keeps you on your toes!  Thirteen years of dance and over 15 years of education in the study of anatomy, movement, body work and wellness, a natural progression to becoming  certified in personal training seemed logical…and about time!


What Should You Expect When You Train With Me?
No matter what your goals are, my job is to provide you with safe and effective exercises geared to produce results. I am a life-long student, committed to researching and studying to bring to you the latest findings in fitness and nutrition.

Together, we will go over your medical and exercise history, short and long-term goals, measurements, eating habits, current flexibility and (here’s the fun part) together we will construct your work out!

Do I Need To Belong To A Gym?
Not at all.  I’ve exercised (without gym memberships) my whole life.  I actually joined a gym a few years ago but soon quit after 2.5 years. I’m not against gyms, but not all equipment is suited for all body types, and there are limitations to the equipment, as well as limitations to some bodies.  With that being said, creative alternatives are not a problem…in OR out of the gym.


  • Weight loss
  • Balance, flexibility, and greater range of motion
  • Core strength
  • Back health
  • Tone & sculpt
  • Body Awareness
  • Get BRIDE-Ready!
  • Personalized fitness programs
  • Kid Fit (ages 10-16)
  • And More…


Time Single 10 Pack 20 Pack
30 mins. 50.00 440.00 800.00
45 mins. 65.00 585.00 1,170.00
60 mins. 75.00 675.00 1,350.00

Add A Friend For Motivation!

(prices per person)

Time 10 Pack 20 Pack
45 mins. 490.00 1,070.00
60 mins. 580.00 1,250.00

Training Policy

Your Session:
At your home, gym, or the park–both of us will be ready to work.  Let’s make the most of your time by being punctual and prepared.

During inclement weather, please call 201-567-4343 for cancellations or delayed openings.

I respect your time, please respect mine:
If you have to cancel, please do so within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment. Emergencies do happen, so we both get one free pass.  Failure to cancel within 24 hours and no shows will be charged.  If you’re running late, please call me.

Spring Is Almost Here!

OK Ladies, almost time for bathing suit season! You want to get fit, get trim, and GET NOTICED!
Well, we have work to do!
Let’s Lose Weight!!! Call now! 201-567-4343
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