Fitness Goals, Food, and Fun!

 Today marked a very special day.  If you hadn’t noticed, women everywhere wore the color RED to show their support for the recognition and eradication of heart disease and stroke.  Through the American Heart Association, women shared stories and educated one another on the facts... Read More

VO2 Max: What Is It and How Do I “MAX” Mine?!

Whether your doing an aerobic class at the gym, cycling, playing tennis, skiing, or running, your body depends on endurance achieved by oxygen (O2) consumption and optimal utilization (by the muscles) of oxygen. We know that the heart is a muscle and it must be exercised to stay healthy and... Read More

The Skinny on Fat Loss

If you have a scale that reads both total weight and fat percentage you may notice that it is a lot easier to lose “weight” then it is to lose fat.  February 1, 2010, I signed up for a fat loss program at my chiropractor’s office.  Each contestant has been given one month free at a... Read More

GET READY…SET…GO!: Winter Workout (Mid Feb-April)

Equipment: What I am using TRX: suspension training. Kettle Bell: 10 bs. Jump rope Equipment: What YOU can use Why TRX?  if you don’t have one or if you have injuries or physical limitations in which you need this external device assistance OR you are an exercise buff... Read More

Shine a Green Light on Your Business

According to the Census Bureau there are 304,995,583 people living in the United States. Each individual puts a strain on the planet’s resources, creating a “carbon footprint.” The cumulative effect of everything one does, buys, eats, et cetera, will last beyond their lifespan and affect... Read More

Check It Out!

From those in need of an assistive device due to injury or muscular-skeletal issues all the way to the elite athlete–please click on this link.

Barb’s First Week Meal Plan

Wow, I never thought the biggest challenge would be formatting my tabs from my word doc. to WordPress. I’ve played around with formatting for some time–if anyone has any suggestions as to how I can fit six columns horizontally in WP, let me know.  I’d appreciate it! With that said, I had... Read More

Spring Housekeeping

Happy Spring! I hope each of you are enjoying this wonderful weather today. Spring is one of my favorite seasons.  While winter is the time to nourish the body and allow time for rest, to conserve and build the body’s qi (vital energy), springtime seems to invoke a natural tendency for... Read More

Get Fit. Get Strong. GET OUTDOORS!

Fitness Boot camps have become so popular.  As a personal trainer and a person who delights in all forms of fitness, I thought it would be right up my alley to form a boot camp…and so the inception of BLAST BOOT CAMP emerged. I and another fitness fan decided to create  fast and fierce... Read More

2011 Outdoor Boot Camp for Women !

Typically, there are FOUR excusses women make that sabotage their fitness goals: 1. Motivation!  How do I get started and how do I stay motivated?? I need a buddy. 2. Scheduling! I’ve got so much going on in my life, how do I fit exercise into my routine? 3. Price!  Boot Camps... Read More
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