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Fitness Boot camps have become so popular.  As a personal trainer and a person who delights in all forms of fitness, I thought it would be right up my alley to form a boot camp…and so the inception of BLAST BOOT CAMP emerged.

I and another fitness fan decided to create  fast and fierce exercise regimens for women on the go.  Like most boot camps, ours is a no-nonsense, high intensity combo of cardio. and resistance training.  Last year, I participated in a local boot camp which brought about the fast changes in my body  was looking for…what was missing was the camaraderie of my fellow boot campers and FUN!  For all of us, the main goal was to shed those unwanted pounds, but there was no support system in place when you needed someone to talk to, when you hit your first short-term goal you were on your own and alone to pat yourself on the back, and if you had questions about calories, or fiber, or proper biomechanics (I’m a real stickler on this one you guys), our coach should have addressed the issue.

OK, so there were no hand outs or tips to read weekly, no newsletter, no incentives, no outings, no lectures, or sense of community with my fellow boot campers.

That’s OK.

In any position I have worked in or company I have formed, I did so successfully because I was fortunate enough to have experienced others before me either not do it quite right or fail all together.

If you’re in Bergen County, NJ and you want to experience a boot camp done right, come to my FREE meet and greet mini boot camp this Sunday.

Join Blast Boot Camp in a FREE 45-minute outdoor fitness walk with stops at BLAST ZONES for targeting and toning muscles.

• Power walk  • Climb stairs

• Short sprints  • Stretch

• Learn 10 fat-blasting moves without equipment

Bring yourself, a friend,and a bottle of water!

Sunday, May 16, 2010 at Van Saun Park, Paramus, Parking Lot 10

10 a.m. sharp


Let’s have FUN!


With twenty-one years experience in body therapies, I am dedicated to optimizing mobility and stress free living.

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