Malcolm A. (Mac) Borg

Your expertise as a massage therapist, together with your knowledge of Muscle Activation Techniques, helped me enormously when I was suffering from terrible contractions and considerable pain in my thighs, legs, and calves following robotic surgery nine months ago. I was barely able to walk or stand, and physical therapy twice a week for four months helped only minimally.

I can’t begin to count the number of massages I’ve had or the countries in which they were rendered, but, and without a doubt, you rank at the top. You very quickly sense where the problem muscles are and, with your knowledge and experience, you are able to get me relief without “digging deep” and hurting. That’s a special touch, and you have it.

Recent epidural injections in my spine have abated the pain and allowed the muscles to go back to a more normal state without the contractions and pain. However, I still seek your services for massages on a regular basis to keep my legs and thighs supple. I’m walking, standing, and bending again, and I owe you thanks for your part in my rehabilitation.

Sincerely and most thankfully,