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GET READY…SET…GO!: Winter Workout (Mid Feb-April)

Monday, February 15th, 2010 at 12:40 pm | Fitness

trxblogCopy Equipment: What I am using

  • TRX: suspension training.
  • Kettle Bell: 10 bs.
  • Jump rope

Equipment: What YOU can use

  • Why TRX?  if you don’t have one or if you have injuries or physical limitations in which you need this external device assistance OR you are an exercise buff looking to increase intensity and progress your training to reach optimal wellness, order your TRX here:
  • No TRX and no musculo-skeletal limitations: use your own body weight and gravity
  • Weights (5-10 pounds to start)
  • Jump Rope

Dynamic warm-up: 1 Set/15 reps each
–side lunges
Workout: 2 set/15
–45 degree row
–squat/row combo
(Jump rope: 1 minute)
–front squats
–chest press
(Jump rope ski leg cross sagittal plane: 1 minute)
–plank (forearms): 30 secs
–mountain climbers (on hands): as fast as I can to fatigue
–plank (forearms):about 45 secs
–mountain climbers (on hands): as fast as I can to fatigue
Cool Down
On mat: cobra and child pose 2x/30 secs
On TRX: Long torso twist & Offset Hip Hinge (love those!) 30 secs ea.

AM: Walk–jog–sprint drills on track (2-4 miles)
PM: TRX 1 set/15 reps each.  Cross balance lunge (using toe taps) and crossover squats

AM: Fast paced walk (80%) with alternating sprints (20%) incorporating hills and flat ground (60 minutes)
PM: TRX 1 set/15 reps each  High Biceps Curl and Triceps press (feet staggered)

Outdoors: Jump rope and sprint drills (30 mins)
TRX: (eccentric concentration) Deep squats ( TRX in one hand, 10 lb. kettle bell in other, ascending from squat into shoulder press) followed by 10 minutes of free-form, air boxing.

TRX Dynamic Warm-up: 1 Set/15 reps each
–side lunges
Workout TRX
Suspended Plank with Abd. (under anchor): Low intensity 1/15
Mountain Climber: High intensity 1/15
(jump rope side straddle): 1 minute
Suspended Plank with crunches: 1/15
(jump rope Alt. footstep): 1 minute
Cool Down
On mat: cobra and child pose and quad stretch: 30 secs.
On TRX: Upper back stretch and seated figure-4 stretch: 30 secs each

Repeat Monday

Repeat Tuesday

Living in the Tri-state area (during inclement weather) makes outdoor workouts difficult.  Once the Spring arrives, I will create a more “Boot Camp” style regimen for myself using a combo TRX, weights, and walk-jog-run drill. I will post pictures and/or video you’ll find easy to follow.

Start Date: Feb. 21st.

  • I will be posting my food plan
  • My general thoughts
  • My workout for the next 6 weeks into the beginning of April…stay tuned!

Note: Always check with your doctor before starting any fitness regimen.  A thorough check up can’t hurt and should be done every year.  Many of the routines and diet plans that I create for myself may not be suited for you.  Ask me questions so I can help you if you have any limitations.

7 Responses to “GET READY…SET…GO!: Winter Workout (Mid Feb-April)”

  1. Dougles says:

    Super post, tienen que marcarlo en Digg


  2. barbara says:

    Setting up profile on Digg now.

  3. Progressive Minds says:

    This is some extensive training you have laid out here… can newbies to fitness follow something like this?

  4. barbara says:

    Absolutely. I would suggest you consult your doctor and ask if a moderate workout is OK. Start out with a comfortably paced walk (as your warm up) and add a few of the exercises at a time. In addition, remember to cool down with a slight static stretch (no bouncing during the stretch and only stretch until you feel a stretch–not feeling pain). Sitting on the ground and reaching for your toes (hamstrings); on your side grab your foot and gently bring your heel to your buttocks to stretch the front of your thigh (quadriceps); flex your foot up and down (Shin: tibialis anterior/posterior and Calf: gastroc/soleus), bring both knees into your chest (back muscles), etc. Hold each stretch for about 30 seconds each.

    Try 30 mins. of exercise 3-5 times a day, warm-up (about 8-10 mins) and cool down (30 seconds each stretch) gently. If you’re able, get a personal trainer to get you started or show you around the gym and introduce you to all the equipment.

    I will be including pics and vids you can follow soon. Thanks for writing and let me know how you’re progressing. Any questions–please ask me.
    Thanks! Barb

  5. hey I have used many workout for abs methods, and found yours really good

  6. LYMAN KLINE says:

    This article was well done. I have been looking for just this type of article.Thank you for this information.

  7. ” Start out with a comfortably paced walk (as your warm up) and add a few of the exercises at a time” – exactly what I thought

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