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2011 Outdoor Boot Camp for Women !

Monday, March 21st, 2011 at 9:46 am | Fitness

Today’s the first full day of spring and although it may still feel chilly and (in most areas) temps. are below normal, our thoughts tend to gravitate towards summer: sleeveless dresses, capri and flip flops, and…yes…bathing suit season!! Dare I put that image in the forefront of your mind?  It’s inevitable!  You know you want to shed your winter weight, but how?

Typically, there are FOUR excusses women make that sabotage their fitness goals:

1. Motivation!  How do I get started and how do I stay motivated?? I need a buddy.

2. Scheduling! I’ve got so much going on in my life, how do I fit exercise into my routine?

3. Price!  Boot Camps typically cost $200-300.00 a month…I can’t afford that!

4. Fitness Level! I’m too de-conditioned, too old, too slow, or too lazy for Boot Camp.

I have the solution YOU’RE LOOKING FOR…

My Outdoor BOOT CAMP for women is a challenging and fun experience that produces results in every age and fitness level so far.

This year, I am offering the most amazing deal ever!! $50 per month for membership! That’s right, every Saturday and Sunday for one hour! My Boot Camp list is growing, sign up now!

Join women, just like you, who want to make a difference in their health and looks. The teamwork and camaraderie past participants shared help to boost their activity levels, which translated into greater weight loss and high confidence gains. Boot Camp helps to form new bonds of friendship and reinforce the idea that YES YOU CAN transform your body into the person you deserve and want to be!

Read what boot campers had to say last year:

“I love being outside and all the diverse activities. It’s not boring! The minute drills are a killer. But you can do anything for a minute! I lost 9 pounds already!” —Rose H.

“I had so much fun. The activities were challenging enough to push you but still make you feel successful.”—Jenn S.

“Good combination of aerobic and strength exercises.”—Martha D.

“Reminded me of high school work outs in the open air!”—Airies S.

Join me this year in my outdoor boot camp for women!
Get in the best shape of your life!!
Contact me for details: 201-567-4343 or

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  1. Cathy Widner says:

    Hi Barb, I am excited I was able to keep up with the group last Sunday and look forward to this weekend. Would you please send me the papers I need to complete so I can bring them with me. Thanks so much,

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